Library of Things Highlight: Board Games

If you and your friends are bored this weekend or just looking for something fun to do after class, then look no further than the Library of Things collection! One of the best parts of the collection is our multitude of board games.

One great thing about the board game collection is the variety. We have board games that range from two players to ten, and and can be played for as little as ten minutes to as long as six hours. You can see a list of all the games here, and in the bottom right corner of each image, the duration and the recommended number of players is listed as well!

If any of these games interest you, you can either request them online and pick them up at the main desk, or you can just head to the library first without requesting the games and check them out.

Hopefully these games will entertain you next time you’re looking for something fun to do on campus! We have plenty of games for all interests, so be sure to check out the collection!

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