How Having a Hobby Can Improve Your Mental Health

One of the most important things about transitioning into college life and maintaining a healthy lifestyle while in college is focusing on your mental health. I’ve found that setting aside time to enjoy things really helps me stay focused and positive.

Having a hobby is one of the best things you can do to support your mental health while in college. Not only does it give you the opportunity to do something fun and expand your horizons, but it also allows you to focus on a non-academic task and give your brain time to rest. If you don’t already have a hobby, but are eager to find one, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to keep yourself busy and engaged, and the library can definitely help you with that!

One hobby I really enjoy is sewing, which helps me relax and gives me something to look forward to. If I have a project I’m working on, it can be helpful to turn off the part of my brain that’s focused on school or work, and instead get creative. If you’re interested in sewing, photography, or even cooking, you can borrow items from the library to support your hobby. We have tons of items, including a sewing machine, a pasta maker, a cake decorating kit, and cameras that you can check out from the collection. There are also plenty of cookbooks and even books about crafts and other hobbies that are available as ebooks or as hard copies.

If you’re a fan of reading or a film connoisseur, then Brookens can help you too! Whether you access books through our online cloudLibrary service or in-person collections, there are numerous new and old popular books to choose from. Each month, cloudLibrary has new featured shelves that are specially curated by student employees so you can discover new books to fall in love with. For movie-buffs, our feature film collection has hundreds of DVDs and our Library of Things even has DVD players. Later this month, we’ll also start offering “Binge Kits” that consist of three DVDs all relating to a specific theme or genre.

Taking time to relax and find a hobby is extremely important. Whether your chosen hobby is something creative or something simple that just allows you to unwind, you should check out Brookens Library the next time you need a well-deserved break!

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