How to Celebrate the Best Thanksgiving

Celebrating Thanksgiving with help from Brookens Library graphic

For students who are planning to stay on campus for Thanksgiving or for those getting ready to host a Friendsgiving celebration, the thought of cooking and preparing food can definitely be intimidating. Whether you’re experienced in the kitchen or a beginner, Brookens Library has tips and tools that can help you have a successful and stress-free Thanksgiving!

Tools in the Library of Things

The Library of Things has a variety of items, including games (that are great for some after-dinner entertainment!), technology, home, and kitchen items! For college students on a budget who may not be able to afford some pricier kitchen essentials, the library has an ice cream maker, waffle maker, immersion blender, and more that can be checked out for seven days at a time.

Cooking can definitely be intimidating for those who don’t have a lot of experience with it. Even more intimidating, however, is cooking for a crowd on Thanksgiving when everyone expects perfection. If you’re slightly (or very) worried about the dishes you’re going to prepare for the holiday, then check out some of these suggested recipes.



Side dishes


Hopefully these tips can help you have a successful Thanksgiving on or off campus! If you’re looking for even more recipes, Brookens has many cookbooks that are available both in-person and online. Happy Thanksgiving!

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