Five Ways to Show Yourself Love

Valentine’s Day might be over, but you can still celebrate by showing yourself some love.

We all know the saying – self love is the best love. Self love is still very important especially with the times we are in now – adjusting to a new year, still going through a pandemic, and even seasonal depression. Here are 40 self care affirmations to get you started, and here are our suggestions to help you show yourself some love.

1. Listen to your favorite song. And what better way to do that than to check out a portable Bluetooth speaker from our Library of Things collection and jam out! So power it up, put on your favorite tune and get your endorphins pumping.

2. Cook or order your favorite meal, drink and treat. You can check out baking items like baking pans, blenders, and a cake decorating kit from the Library of Things at our front desk. So fire up that stove or DoorDash app and enjoy your favorite treat.

3. Laugh and unwind with your favorite movie or tv show. Check out our movie binge kits – each one features 3 dvds centered around a specific them – such as Meet Cute Rom-Coms and Romantic Academia. And each one comes with free popcorn and candy!

4. Relax with a hot shower, apply a face mask, meditate, or do some yoga. And did you know that our HappyLights can help with increased energy, mood, focus and sleep? Do anything that you feel is going to relax you and make you feel happy, calm, and most of all loved.

5. Have yourself a self care day. It can be something as simple as getting your hair cut or as extravagant as combining all these ideas together in one fun and relaxing day.

Whatever you choose to do this week, just make sure that you are practicing some type of self care and appreciating yourself.

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