What is Your Ideal Bookshelf?

One of the greatest parts of reading is having the opportunity to share your love of books with others. Some people choose to do this through book clubs, while others take their opinions to popular apps like Goodreads. Another option for those who may be more artistic is creating an ideal bookshelf.

Ideal bookshelf is a term coined by artist Jane Mount, who wrote a book entitled My Ideal Bookshelf which contains many illustrations of different people’s most valued books. The shelves can feature books that had a significant impact on your life, books that changed your entire worldview, or books that you just love for no reason at all. Mount also creates commissioned art pieces for people who want to commemorate the books that hold a special place in their hearts. For those who are interested in creating their own bookshelf, Mount also has a few different templates available for free!

One of the best parts of creating and sharing ideal bookshelves is that each individual shelf is going to be vastly different from any other. Sharing your ideal bookshelf reveals interesting elements of your personality that make you and your taste in books unique, and it can also be a lot of fun seeing what books other people have in common with you! Bonding over favorite novels is one of the best ways to get to know a fellow reader.

In my opinion, it’s also just a lot of fun to create an ideal bookshelf and have the opportunity to share your favorites with others. I love talking about reading, so I’m always looking for an excuse to share my love for books in a fun and different way.

If you decide to create your own ideal bookshelf, tag us or DM us on Instagram @uislibrary!

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