Prep for Spring Break with Library Resources

With spring break approaching, students are finally guaranteed some free time after a busy few months. If you don’t have plans next week and are wondering what you can do to stay busy – look no further than the library!

eBooks and Audiobooks

Brookens Library has an eBook service that all UIS students can easily use! Either download the cloudLibrary app or check out the cloudLibrary website. All you need to log in is the library card number on your iCard! eBooks and eAudiobooks are perfect if you’re traveling and want a book you can easily open on your phone. There are multiple featured lists with some great recommendations if you can’t decide what to read!

Book Recommendations

For readers who are more interested in physical copies instead of eBooks, there are plenty of places to get book recommendations! When you walk into the library on the main floor, our featured book displays are across from the main desk. With several great books to choose from, the book displays are a great place to go if you don’t know what to read next. We also have a few past blog posts with some recommendations including books for people who aren’t readers, books from impactful authors, books from LGBTQ+ authors, books from Native American authors, and more!

Binge Kits

If you’re a fan of movies rather than books, don’t worry! The library’s offerings aren’t limited solely to books – we also have a substantial DVD collection along with DVD players that are available to check out. Our DVD binge kits each include three movies that have a common theme. Some popular choices that are featured this month include Romantic Academia and Recent Pixar Favorites, among several others. When you check out a binge kit (located next to the book displays, across from the main desk), you also have the opportunity to get candy and popcorn to complete your perfect movie night!

Library of Things

The library also has a Library of Things collection with some unique items for students to borrow! One of the largest components of the Library of Things is the selection of board games. With a huge range of games that can be played with as few as 2 players and as many as 10, there’s something for everyone. Some other fun Library of Things items that are available to check out for use during spring break include a sewing machine, different kitchen supplies (ranging from baking supplies to an ice cream maker), cameras, and a Sega Genesis console.

Whether you’re planning on staying in with a good book or getting together with friends to watch a movie, you can count on Brookens to have everything you need for a great spring break! Enjoy your break next week!

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