Celebrating Women’s Month

Women’s Month, also known as Women’s History Month is an annual month that highlights special moments in history that women have contributed. Women are a very important asset to our society because without women there wouldn’t be mankind. The celebration of Women’s History month didn’t start until the late 1900s. It originally started off as a week-long celebration but as the years went on, it became a full month celebration.

One way to celebrate this month is to make a beautiful art piece. Another way to celebrate is to watch popular women empowerment movies and read women literature. Down below are some book recommendations from our cloudLibrary shelves and some movie recommendations you can check out from the library.

cloudLibrary Recommendations:

Movie Recommendations:

We hope you enjoy our Women’s History Month recommendations! To find more eBooks and eAudiobooks for Women’s History Month, visit cloudLibrary. Wonder if the library has your choice of movie? Look it up on the library catalog.

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