Celebrating National Library Week

Happy National Library Week! This year, the annual celebration is taking place from April 3rd-9th, and the theme is “Connect With Your Library.” With the first National Library Week taking place in 1958, the yearly event has been celebrated in libraries across the country for decades. At Brookens this week, we’re going to be celebrating in a few different ways, so feel free to get involved!

Connect With Your Library

A theme involving connection can be interpreted in so many ways, and, in our opinion, it’s definitely important to focus on all of the possible aspects of connection! There’s definitely an element of Brookens that applies to however you interpret connection. We have technology, amazing employees and events, and various other resources and services available to students, faculty, community members, and alumni.

Celebrating at Brookens

This year, we’ll be doing quite a bit to celebrate National Library Week! Tuesday (April 5th) is National Library Workers Day, so be sure to express your gratitude to any library employees you may see then (and any other day as well!). Wednesday (April 6th) is National Library Outreach Day and you’ll definitely want to check out our Instagram for something special! We’ll also have some other special posts on our social media throughout the week and a few interactive things at the library, so keep an eye out for those as well!

Be sure to keep your favorite library in mind as you celebrate National Library Week! If you’re looking for more information on the yearly celebration, you can check out this American Library Association page!

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