Navigating Research Guides

Are you struggling with your research? If so, Brookens offers quite a few resources that you can use to improve your research experience! One of these amazing resources is our Research Guides.

Research Guides can be accessed from the library homepage by clicking on the pink book icon. Once you open the Research Guides, you’ll see that they’re organized by subject, which makes it easy to find exactly what you need.

What is a Research Guide?

After you select a subject, you’ll see a menu on the left side of the screen that has everything you need to know. These tabs will walk you through the research process. Each tab includes information that will help you with specific elements of your research. The “Find Sources” tab will guide you to specific resources for your subject. This includes databases, news sources, and books. If you need more assistance, the “Get Help” tab will provide you with some additional resources and places you can go for extra information. To contact the librarian who specializes in your subject, just head back to the “Welcome” tab and either email them or schedule an appointment.

Next time you find yourself stuck in the research process, just check out the Brookens Research Guides. With plenty of information to walk you through your research, you’ll be succeeding in no time!

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