How to Book a Research Consultation

You may be asking yourself, “What is a Research Consultation?”

A research consultation is a self-made appointment with a librarian of your choice. Booking a research consultation is very beneficial, especially if you need assistance with a paper or an assignment that involves research. Don’t worry, our librarians are here to help!

Librarians are research experts who can help with all stages of the research process. We can help you with picking a topic, identifying search terms, navigating databases, evaluating sources and more!

Book a research consultation with one of our librarians to get one-on-one research help in person or on Zoom.

How To Book an Online Research Consultation with a Librarian:

  1. Go to the Brookens Library website. From there, click on the pink icon titled “Research Guides.”
  1. You will now be on a web page that lists different subjects that are taught at UIS. Select the one that is most related to your research topic or course.
  1. When you choose your subject, you will be taken to a page that gives you the most recommended librarian that will be able to assist you. At the top left, there are 5 categories: Welcome (current page), Develop a Topic, Build a Search Plan, Find Sources and Get Help. It also has a video on the “Introduction of the Research Process” that explains the research process more in depth. To the left below the librarian’s picture you will see a gray button that says “Schedule an Appointment”. Click on it.
  1. The page should change and allow you to schedule your appointment with a librarian. Follow the instructions on the page and you’re done! You will automatically be booked on the librarian’s calendar.

If you need immediate research assistance, you can also chat with us via the chat box on the library website.

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