Intersession and Summer Services

Intersession Library Services

In-building services will be limited to Grab-and-Go during intersession. Service hours can be found on our library hours page.  

May 16 – May 22 – Grab-and-Go 
May 23 – May 29 – Building Closed (online services available)
May 30 – June 5 – Grab-and-Go

We will be closing the building during the second week of intersession, so that staff can conduct training with new student employees and facilities can deep clean some areas of the library.  Books can be returned during this time using the book drops outside of the building.  If you have any question about your library materials or your library account, please contact us.

Summer Semester Hours and Services

In-building services for the summer semester will begin on Monday, June 7th.  Hours of operation can be found on our library hours page.  During the summer semester, the library will be open for use of computers and study areas, printing, browsing the stacks and Grab-and-Go services.  

Online Services

Online services such as our chat service, research consultations, and library databases will be available during the intersession period and summer semester. To chat with us, please visit our website

An Evening with Leslé Honoré: Poet, Author, Artivist

In celebration of the UIS Diversity Center’s End-of-the-Year Black & Hispanic/LatinX and Lavender Graduation, the Friends of Brookens Library present An Evening with Leslé Honoré: Poet, Author, Artivist via Zoom Saturday, May 8th at 6:30PM. The event will be recorded.

About Leslé Honoré:  Leslé Honoré is a Blaxican Poet, artivist, and author of Fist & Fire, a collection of powerful, unflinching poems that confront issues of social justice through the lens of real human lives and voices, and dive into the flames of love within the context of a relationship. In her poetry and life she works to empower youth to find their voices through the arts, and inspire people to stand in the gaps that social, economic, and racial inequities create. Leslé challenges readers, inviting them to think, feel, and consider how to create spaces where everyone can thrive. She hopes that through her work she can help give voices to people who are often silenced, unheard, and feel invisible. Her pieces honoring Vice President Kamala Harris “Brown Girl, Brown Girl” and Doria Ragland went viral on social media and expanded the reach of her work to an international audience.

Born and raised in Gardena, California, she remains deeply rooted in the heritage and culture of her father, a native of New Orleans, Louisiana; and mother, who was born in Sinaloa, Culiacan, Mexico, and immigrated to the US when was 15.  Leslé lives in Chicago with her three phenomenal children: Sage, Solomon, and Scarlett. She believes in HBCU’s and that tacos and gumbo without kale can save the world.

An Evening with Leslé Honoré: Poet, Author, Artivist

Join with this Zoom link:

2021 Library Undergraduate Research Award Winners

Brookens Library and the Friends of Brookens Library are excited to announce the winners of our Seventh Annual Undergraduate Research Award!

We here at Brookens believe that undergraduate research, scholarly, and creative activities are foundational components of a complete liberal arts education. The Brookens Library Undergraduate Research Award was created by Brookens Library to recognize and reward UIS undergraduate students whose academic work incorporates the use of Brookens Library’s collections and services and demonstrates exceptional information literacy skills. The Friends of Brookens Library funds the $1500 in awards received by students.

The excellent projects submitted this year made the judging a challenge, but the selection committee of Ken Owen, Megan Styles and John Laubersheimer were able to decide upon the winners. 

This year we are honored to recognize the following students for their exceptional research:

1st Place: Alexandra Simpson Complexity in Nature and Humanity in Red Sorghum

2nd Place: Malavika Mujumdar Graphic Poetry as Historical Experience in Naoko Fujimoto’s “Thursdays” and “On A Black Hill”

3rd Place: Benjamin Garrett An Overview of the Life, Extinction, and Possible De-Extinction of Mammuthus Primigenius

4th Place: Rebecca Wheeler Decision Vision II: Investigating the Effects of Mental Simulation on Accuracy During Affect-Induced and Logic-Induced Decisions by Intuitive and Rational Decision Makers​

5th Place: Joshua Melnick Development of DNA Barcoding in Oak Species

A special mention of Rebecca Wheeler’s work is due. Rebecca Wheeler, is a returning Research Award winner. Her entry this year continued the excellent work she submitted in 2020 and for which she won 3rd place: Decision Vision: Utilizing Mental Simulation to Promote Accuracy During Intuitive Decision Making.

The competition was tough this year and all of our submissions were top quality research. A big congratulations for all our winners and all of our entrants! 

Enjoy a Picnic on National Picnic Day

National Picnic Day is today, and the library has everything you will need to make it the best picnic ever.

How can you have a picnic without some great food? Checkout a cookbook to get some recipes ideas!

Try a Balsamic Strawberry Arugula Salad that will be light and delicious on a spring day that comes from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian:

Take some pictures to help commemorate the moment, so check out one of our cameras to capture the moment!

Even if it rains, don’t let the rain stop your fun, check out a Brookens umbrella!

an umbrella

But if the weather is nice, then check out one of our Ollie‘s! A fun little remote controlled robot that can do some cool tricks.

a black Ollie RC vehicle

If you don’t know of any good spots for a picnic, here are some suggestions for places on campus – the Main Quad, the quad between Lincoln Residence Hall and Founders Residence Hall, and the UIS Pond.

There are plenty of other scenic places around campus and around Springfield to have beautiful picnic. This Google Map has even more suggestions.

Come to the library to prepare for a great picnic (while respecting social distancing guidelines)!

Among Us Game Night with the SPARK Team

The end of the semester is only a few weeks away, and that means finals week is also rapidly approaching. That also means the crunch time for papers and studying for finals is coming too. If all this stress is starting to get to you, why not relax a little and play some Among Us!

Event Details:
Monday, April 26, 6pm-7:30pm
Register at to receive the Zoom link.
Note: You must have game downloaded ahead of time.

This event is hosted by the Brookens Library SPARK Team, a team of students who can assist you with library research. Feel free to bring some friends to play with too but make sure they sign up for the even too because we only have a limited amount of spots. This will be real fun game night to meet new people and enjoy a low stress game of Among Us. We can play the regular game, and we can even play a game of Among Us Hide n Seek.

There is no pressure to stay for the whole session; feel free to just play a game or two, or play the whole time. It is also on a day without any classes so that way people with evening classes can join as well.

The red among us character

How To Tuesday: Research Guides

Research guides are a great way to find library databases that best suit your research topic. There are guides for nearly every single major or minor on campus. And even if the resources listed on the research guides are overwhelming, you can set up an appointment with a librarian to help you with your research.

Here are step-by-step instructions for how to use research guides and some of their features.

  1. First, go to the library website and click on Research Guides.
Main webpage for Brookens Library

2. Select the subject most related to your research topic or course. Some of the subjects have dropdown menus for specific courses, as shown for Chemistry, or more specific subjects, as shown for Legal Studies.

Listing of Research Guides at Brookens Library

3. When you click on your subject, you’ll be taken to a guide with a list of some suggested databases and resources to help get you started on your research. Or, you can make an appointment the librarian listed on the page who can discuss with you about how to search a specific database, brainstorm keywords with you and help you find what you might be looking for.

Chem/Bio 301 Research Guide

If you have any questions, contact the library.

Playing Dungeons and Dragons Remotely

In this follow-up to our previous Dungeons & Dragons blog post, we’ll be highlighting the three core D&D sourcebooks and a few different websites that can be helpful when playing D&D online and respecting social distancing guidelines. 

There is the Player’s Handbook (available to request via I-Share), the most important book for playing D&D; this gives the information for character creation that includes your character’s race, class, and background as well as the rules for combat and basic roleplaying. Then there is the Monster Manual, the book that explains many of the creatures that one can find in a campaign. Finally, there is the Dungeon Master’s Guide, the most important book for the Dungeon Master. This book gives a lot of context to the game of dungeon and dragons; despite its name, players should at least skim this book to get an understanding of some other rules of the game.

Any or all of these sourcebooks would be a great gift for anyone wanting to play some D&D, and, also don’t forget to shop local when you can to support your local game stores!

Two online sources that can be quite useful are Roll20 and Discord. Roll20 is a free site where a Dungeon Master can create their worlds and have virtual maps so that players can still see the battlefield. Roll20 is an intuitive site where players can roll virtual dice, in lieu of real dice. Roll20 also has the ability for people to talk to each other and see each other, assuming you have a microphone and a camera.

Discord, another website where a free account can be made, can also be useful if you don’t like the interface to Roll20. You can download bots that allow you to play music as well as bots that can roll dice. Discord is a service where users communicate with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media, and files in private chats or as part of communities called “servers.” Both of these sites can be really useful to play D&D remotely. 

“Lab Girl” Book Talk hosted by Brookens Library

Brookens Library will be hosting a book talk as part of the 2021 Sangamon County Big Read. Come join us on March 26th at 6pm to discuss Hope Jahren’s “Lab Girl.” You can register for the event here:

We are pleased to be a partner in this community-wide reading experience sponsored by the Academy of Lifelong Learning at Lincoln Land Community College. The members of the Academy embrace learning as a lifelong pursuit. Along with the National Endowment for the Arts, we are excited about supporting the NEA Big Read here in Sangamon County.

For more information on the Sangamon County Big Read and a complete list of events, please visit

Additional information and up to the minute updates can be found on the Academy of Lifelong Learning Facebook page.

How to Request Articles via Interlibrary Loan

Did you know that you can request articles that the library does not own through Interlibrary Loan for free? If you’ve found an article that the library does not provide access to, you can request it from another library to be sent to you if its available.

How To Place A Request

  1. Go to the library website, and select My Account. Select My ILL from the dropdown menu, and log in with your NetID and password.

2. If this is your first time requesting an article through InterLibrary Loan, you will be asked to fill out a form with your personal information and click Submit Information.

  1. To request an article, click on Article, which is located under New Request on the left side of the webpage.
  1. Fill out the necessary fields for the article you are requesting, and click Submit Request.
  1. If the article is available via InterLibrary Loan, you will receive an email with a link to the article usually within 1 to 3 business days.

If you have any questions about submitting a request, let us know.

Movies to Watch in March

If you’re looking for a movie to watch this month, we’ve got you covered with a selection of films that celebrate Women’s History Month as well as movies that are little more on the “green” side. Play this month’s edition of Movie Roulette, and let chance decide what movies you watch!

How to Play Movie Roulette:

All you have to do is press pause to stop the video and whichever movie you land on will decide what movie or binge kit you should check out.

To request one of the movies for pick up, click the movie link, request it from UIS, and wait for an email that says it’s ready to pick up during our Grab-and-Go hours!

“Green” Movies
Soylent Green
The Green Mile
How Green Was My Valley

Big and Green
Shrek 2
Shrek the Third

Badass Women
Captain Marvel
Kill Bill

Strong Animated Woman Leads
Kiki’s Delivery Service
Princess and the Frog

Great Films by Female Directors
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
American Psycho
Boys Don’t Cry