Meet the Team: Yiping

Meet Yiping!

Name: Yiping

Major: Computer Science

Status: Graduate

What is your favorite thing about being a student at UIS?   The Multi-culture backgrounds of people on campus. Playing in the UIS orchestra. Working in the library.

What are your goals for the semester? Get A’s in all my classes. Great performance. Know more friends.

If there were a reality TV show of your life, what would it be called? Why? My overseas life. The experience of studying in another country is really unforgettable which teaches me a lot.

Are you involved in any clubs/activities/sports on campus? Or what are your hobbies? I am a cellist in the UIS orchestra. Also I joined the Cello Choir this semester. I like swimming, playing badminton, playing the piano and the cello.

What have you learned since working at the library? I learned the importance of communication with team members. To be open minded. I become more confident because of working at the library.

What are your post-graduation plans? I want to find a job which is related to my major, like software testing or database engineering.

cloudLibrary App Update

Our downloadable eBook and eAudiobook collection, cloudLibrary, launched a significant app update today. The app has a new fresh look along with some new features. Don’t have the app? Now’s a great time to download the newest version.

Image of cell phone with app displayed. Tagline: Borrowing just got better.

To ensure you’re using the new app interface, first update the app in your device’s app system. If the app looks the same after you’ve updated the app, you’ll need to log out of the app and then log back in to force the change. To log out of the previous app, you’ll click on the menu icon (3 vertically stacked lines on top left hand corner), then settings, then press the log out button at the bottom of the page. At that point, follow the prompts to log back into the app. To do so you’ll need your library barcode number. This number is located on the front of your i-Card and starts with the numbers 2141. Once you’ve updated the app, here are some of the changes you’ll see.

Navigation: Previously, the apps main navigation was hidden behind a menu icon. Now the navigation is always present at the bottom of your screen.

Image of navigation at bottom of app screen which includes buttons for Home, My Books, Browse, and Account.

Books of Interest: Books you are interested in reading were previously “flagged”. Now you will use the save button. Books you had flagged can now be found on the “Saved” tab when you’re on the My Books page.

Browsing the Collection: Previously, the browsing section fo the app would show a large portion of the collection all at once. For many, this screen was overwhelming and simply had too many books on it that weren’t relevant to the user. Now, the browsing section has a page called favorites where you can select your favorite genres and only see categories of books that interest you.

Series: If you’re reading a book in the series, you can now quickly see if there are other books in the series and if the library owns them. When looking at a Book Detail page you’ll see a series link listed (shown in the image below). While we are very excited by this new feature, our testing of the new system has uncovered some inconsistencies with this feature. We’re in contact with cloudLibrary support, and hope they’ll improve this feature soon.

Image of Book Detail page for the Book China Rich Girlfriend indicating the series link that is provided on this page.

Other new features include the ability to customize the color scheme and a customizable badge icon along with other changes to general layout and look and feel of the app. For assistance with the cloudLibrary app, please stop by the library main desk or call us at 217-206-6618.

Happy Reading!

Meet the Team: Teagan

Meet Teagan!

Name: Teagan

Major: Social Work

Status: Freshman

What is your favorite thing about being a student at UIS? My favorite thing about being a student at UIS is all of the opportunities I have on campus. There are so many different clubs and organizations to join, there truly is something for everyone! I also love the small campus size, so I can meet and interact with other students and staff often.

What are your goals for the semester?My goals for this semester are pretty simple. I really just want to be able to learn more about my major, as well as keep up my good grades.

If there were a reality TV show of your life, what would it be called? Why? If I were to have a reality show it would be called something like, “Keeping up with Teagan.” Although this is a basic answer, it would end up being very true. My days this semester are going to be really hectic and full of school, work, and activities. If I had a reality show, it would have to keep up with my busy schedule.

Are you involved in any clubs/activities/sports on campus? Or what are your hobbies? I am involved with a couple activities on campus. I am apart of the club volleyball team here, as well as being the secretary of my residence hall community council. Other than that, a lot of my time is spent at work or doing homework for my honors courses.

What have you learned since working at the library? I have definitely learned more time management skills. Not only when I’m working, but also outside of work due to the fact I always have to plan what I am doing before I actually do it to make sure I can achieve everything I want to achieve.

What are your post-graduation plans? I plan to become a probation officer after graduation. I am studying social work because the main thing I want to do in life is reach out and help people that are having a tough time. Being that this is my main goal, I decided to study social work rather than criminal justice, although my job is still within the criminal justice field. Thankfully, I can still pursue probation with the degree I want to receive.

What is your favorite thing from the library of things collection?: I love all of the board games we have available in our library of things! I have played board games constantly with my family since I could understand how to play, so seeing a collection here is like having a piece of home with me.

How To Tuesday: New Year, New Foods!

New Year, New Foods!

Welcome to the Spring 2019 semester! We realize that a new year and new semester can inspire folks to revisit old habits and dive into new hobbies – including cooking! Our January display on the Main Level of Brookens Library is devoted to those who wish to try something new with food.  Maybe you want to learn how Alton Brown makes Butterscotch Puddin’. We have that.  Maybe you’re curious about how Jon Faverau would go about starting a food truck operation? We also have that. Stop by the Library today and check out some of these delicious items.

We also have a variety of kitchen and household items available for check out to help with your food endeavors. Take a look at our Library of Things Home and Kitchen items to see if they can help you fulfill your yummy, culinary goals.

Welcome To UIS!

Welcome to the 2019 Spring Semester at the University of Illinois Springfield. At the Library, we offer both resources and services to help you make the most of your time at UIS. On our website you will find access to our wide variety of databases. Not sure how to get started? Here you will find research help by subject or you can book a Research Consultation with one of our friendly Librarians.

Did you know we have a free app where you can download eBooks and eAudiobooks? It’s true! Simply download the cloudLibrary app and enjoy easy access to thousands of free eBooks/eAudiobooks!

We also have a growing Collection of “Things” called the Library of Things!  We have home and kitchen items, board games, and lots of technology for you to check out for FREE! Interested in learning to use a DSLR camera? No problem, we have that. Have a sewing project but no machine? We’ve got you covered! Need a graphing calculator for class? We have several available for FREE checkout! See what all we have available here!

Last semester we refreshed the Main Level by renovating the space and adding comfortable furniture, collaborative workstations, and computer desks to give you plenty of options to suit your needs. We designed this floor to be flexible, so you’ll notice almost all the furniture is on wheels so you can move it when and where you need it.

We look forward to seeing you in the Library!

HTT: Beat Finals Week Stress with Cookies and Crafts!

This week’s installment of How-To Tuesdays focuses on how the stress of Finals Week can cause even the closest of friends to argue. Megan and Taylor have never gotten into an argument, but there is a first time for everything. Read on to see what happens!!

Phew! Thankfully Megan and Taylor will remain friends. We encourage all of you to take care of yourselves this week. Take breaks. Take breaths. Stop by the Library’s Lower Level to make crafts and decorate cookies. We hope to see you all there!

Universal Human Rights Month

December is Universal Human Rights Month and December 10th is Human Rights Day.  70 years ago in 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).  A direct result of the aftermath of the human rights catastrophes of the 2nd World War.  But it addresses far more than catastrophic abuses.  It created a framework for human rights principles embodied in its 30 articles.  These spell out an individual’s political, social, economic, and cultural rights and encompass fundamental freedoms for all regardless of gender, race, religion or language.   

Explore this beautifully illustrated version of the UDHR which produced in partnership between the artist Yacine Alt Kac, the U.N. Regional Information Centre and the Office of the U.N. High Commission for Human Rights – Regional Office for Europe. Each page displays a separate article along with delightful drawings to reflect the spirit of their intention.

Brookens Library has a wide variety of books and documents with a focus on human rights including:  TheHuman Rights Paradox: Universality and its Discontents by Steve J. Stern& Scott Straus (2014) and TheInternational Human Rights movement: A History by Aryeh Neier (2012).  There are numerous publications with foci on specific countries as well as publications of historic prominence such as the Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg, 14 November 1945-1 October 1946.

Learn More about Human Rights Day