March Movie Madness is BACK!

March Movie Madness is back at Brookens Library!! We have put together a March Madness inspired bracket featuring 90’s era films to tie in with the Springfest theme. We have some epic matchup’s this week: Titanic vs. Office Space, Clueless vs. Ghost, Space Jam vs. A League of Their Own! We can’t wait to see who survives Week 1.

Week One March Movie Madness Matchups

Simply visit: and vote for your favorite 90’s film. It’s that easy! The final week of voting we will have a drawing for a Brookens Library prize pack.

Vote today!

Meet the Team: Tabbitha

TabbithaName: Tabbitha – Communications Assistant (LLE)

Year in school: Senior

Major/Minor: Visual Arts

Hometown: Macomb, IL

Hobbies: Drawing, reading, playing video games, playing with Photoshop, photography

Post-college plans/What do you want to be when you grow up and why?

I have a few options in mind. One, I want to teach abroad. A few of my friends have done it and they’re encouraging me to do it too. I want to join Teach for America since the United States is in need of more teachers. No matter what my job is, I want to encourage people to make art. I love art and I want others to love it too.

 Who is the person that influences you or inspires you the most? Why?

My parents are the biggest influence in my life. They encourage me to do my best and help me figure out what I want to do with my life. My moms send me care packages when I don’t feel my best. My dad reminds me of why I continue going to college.

What has working at Brookens Library taught you?

Brookens has taught me how to work with and talk to a variety of people. While working here I have become more confident in my work. It’s really neat whenever somebody comes up to me as I’m working on the chalkboard to say that they really like what I do.

What is a memorable experience you have had at the library/UIS?

One of the most memorable experiences that I have had at the library is when I work Haunted Library. I already love Halloween so it’s a lot of fun setting up for this event. The best scare reactions are the big and tall dudes who act tough but cling to each other and spew out expletives.

National Library Week: We Promote Literacy

We Promote Literacy:

Libraries are committed to helping children and adults develop the skills they need to survive and thrive in a global information society: the ability to read and use computers.

At Brookens, we fulfill this by…

Teaching Information literacy instruction

Helping patrons at the desk locate information resources

Helping patrons use the computers


Learn Your Library: Tours


On-Campus Tours
Are you new to UIS? Come tour the library to learn about our resources and services.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015 at 10am, 1pm, and 5pm

Thursday, September 17, 2015 at 11am, 2pm, and 6pm

Friday, September 18 at 11am and 2pm

On-campus tours meet in the library classroom (BRK 232) and last about an hour.

Register today!


Virtual Tours
Are you a new or returning online student? Join us for a virtual tour of online library resources and services. By the end you’ll know how to find and request books and articles, how to access resources from off campus, where to get research help, and more!

Thursday, September 10, 2015 at 11am, 5pm, and 6pm

Virtual tours meet online via MS Lync

Register today!

ILLIAD Unavailable 9/30/14/: UPDATE

UPDATE (9/29): The outage is no longer scheduled and all services will be available during this time.

My ILL Account & Service will be unavailable on Tuesday, September 30th between 7:00 am – 1:00 pm for scheduled maintenance.

How this may impact you:

– You will not be able to request books or articles through InterLibrary Loan during that period. Please note that IShare will not be affected.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Let’s Take a #UISLib Selfie!

Have you seen our massive chalkboard wall? Our latest design features a frame where you can take your photo. Stop on in and take a selfie in the library and make sure to use the hashtag #UISLib when you share online!


Katherine Boo Wraps Up Inaugural “One Book”

Last night, Katherine Boo spoke to a packed Brookens Auditorium audience about the issues raised by her book Behind the Beautiful Forevers, the challenges that she faced in the four years that she gathered the stories and the information for the book, and the ethical framework that guided her work.   The lecture was augmented by a slide show of photographs of Annawadi residents going about their daily lives in the shadow of the luxury hotels that ringed the slum.

Declaring that “better policies might get made if we know more about individual lives,” she explained why she spent four years in Annawadi gathering the stories told in her book. Her meticulous reporting is reflected in the way the people of Annawadi come to life in all their complexity—not merely as symbols of poverty in India of the effects of globalization.

Behind the Beautiful Forevers, Boo’s first book, garnered the National Book Award for nonfiction and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. It was chosen as the inaugural book for the “One Book, One UIS” community reading series because the committee felt that its themes resonated with the values of our campus. About the lecture, Vice-Chancellor for Undergraduate Affairs Karen Moranski said, “Boo’s presentation was a model ECCE event…she analyzed her project in a way that made clear the relevance of the book for our students…”

Thanks to all of the people who helped make the entire series—course adoptions, reading groups, a panel, and last night’s event—a success. People are already asking members of the committee about the next book. We plan to offer the “One Book” series every other year, so stay tuned for the fall of 2015!

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What We’re Reading: Alex Bauman

What We’re Reading: Alex Bauman

1.) What are you reading?
I am currently reading the third book from the A Song of Ice and Fire series: A Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin.

2.) How did you make your selection?
I started reading the A Song of Ice and Fire series because of the HBO series A Game of Thrones. I started the series Spring Break of 2013 out of boredom. After I saw the first couple of episodes I marathon watched the whole series, which only took me a couple days. After those few, glorious days I found myself without any new episodes. So, naturally, I looked up when the next season was coming out. When I learned that season 4 wouldn’t air until April 2014 my heart was crushed. After a couple of months of Game-of-Thrones-less misery I decided to start reading the books. The books are pretty thick so reading has been slow going, but I’m really enjoying them. I hope to finish all 5 books before season 5 comes out which should be plenty of time.

3.) Describe the book in 20 words or less using your own words.
Fantasy, emotion, mystery, action, adventure, basically anything anyone could ever want in a book. Oh, and more characters than you can imagine.

4.) What did you like? What didn’t you like?
I really like that G. R. R. Martin has no problem killing his characters. What I don’t like is that G. R. R. Martin has no problem killing his characters.

5.) Who would you recommend should read this?
People like me who can’t wait for season 4 to come out. But anyone that enjoys readings could enjoy the books. I think G. R. R. Martin writes in a way that gives you views from all sides of the story. While this makes the books a little more complicated, it also makes them more fun to read.

What We’re Reading – Matthew Rex

“What We’re Reading” is a blog series giving the Brookens Library staff the opportunity to highlight a variety of books, audio books, or e-books you might find enjoyable. This series will post every week on the “What’s New at Brookens” Blog. The fourth installment features our student worker Matthew Rex. Matt’s selection is a fantasy read perfect for younger audiences and for those who enjoy young adult books. Learn more about what Matt has been reading:

1.)   What are you reading?

The Last Dragonslayer by Jasper Fforde

2.)   How did you make your selection?

I found the book in the Browsing Collection in Brookens, and I thought it looked like a fun read.

3.)   Describe the book in 20 words or less using your own words.

In a world where magic is real and diminishing, a young girl accidentally becomes the last dragon-slayer.

4.)   What did you like?

I really enjoyed the humor. Fforde writes in a style that can be both serious and laugh-til-you-cry funny at the same time, which gives the book this magical, playful tone. There are many beautiful silly things, like the Transient Moose, that make you fall in love with the world Fforde has created.

What didn’t you like?

It was too short! It lacks some of the depth that other books have, but I don’t feel like I should knock it for that. Fforde has planned to make this book the first of a series, so he may be rectifying my only complaint!

5.)   Who would you recommend this book to?

 Fans of the fantasy genre, fans of silliness, fans of books! This is one of those rare books that can appeal to everyone, because of its lightheartedness and lovable characters.

Know A Librarian – Sarah

Spring has sprung and we are happy to introduce you to yet another one of our fantastic librarians – Sarah!

She came to Springfield in Nov. 2009 after getting her Masters in Library and Information Science from Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois. At Brookens, she does the typical librarian stuff: library instruction, research consultations and orders books.  She also manages the Information and Reference Desk, gets her geek on with the library’s iPads, and is 1 of the 3 people behind the tweets and Facebook posts for the library.  If you’re in the library, chances are you’ll see her at the Information and Reference Desk.  When out and about on campus, she can typically be found volunteering at a Student Life event.

There are lots of things Sarah loves about being a librarian.  But one of her favorite parts of the job is buying books for the Curriculum Collection.  With a background in High School English Education, she has always been an avid reader of Young Adult literature.  Books like The Hunger Games, Feed, and The City of Ember are among some of her favorites with Harry Potter at the top of the list.  A huge fan of both the Harry Potter books and the movies, Sarah has read and watched them more times than she can count.  In case you’re wondering, she’s a Hufflepuff and yes, she’s been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, FL.

Outside of the Library, Sarah spends most of her time hanging out with friends here in Springfield or visiting friends in Chicago and Madison, WI. She enjoys cooking and hosting parties. Other than that, she watches LOTS of movies, both in the theater and at home on her couch.