Fall Faculty Workshops

The Faculty Development Office is sponsoring a number of workshops this fall and the library in coordination with other units are presenting information on a broad number of topics throughout the fall semester. The full calendar can be found on their website, https://www.uis.edu/fdo/. If interested in any of the events listed below, Reservations are requested but not required (RSVP to: facultydevelopment@uis.edu)

For October there are workshops on Open Educational Resources and Bibliographic Management tools such as EndNote Web and related tools to help researchers and students organize information and manage citations. Interested graduate students are encouraged to attend the workshop on Bibliographic Management tools, so be sure to pass this along to them. In November the library is participating in workshops devoted to UIS’ Baccalaureate Information Literacy Requirement and strategies to ensuring students acquire these important skills and a workshop highlighting services and support available from the Library, COLRS, and ITS to ensure a successful spring semester. The dates and locations plus additional information are provided below. We hope to see you there!

Tuesday, October 30, 12-1 pm, PAC H – “Scholarship Tools”

Common Bibliographic Management Tools such as EndNote/EndNote Web, Zotero, and Mendeley can greatly ease the process of organizing your research and creating bibliographies. This workshop will demonstrate how they work, discuss the benefits they can provide, and help you consider which tool might be best for you.

Presented by H. Stephen McMinn, Director of Collections and Scholarly Communication, Brookens Library

Tuesday, November 6, 12-1 pm, PAC G – “UIS’ Baccalaureate Information Literacy Requirement”

Information Literacy is one of the baccalaureate goals of UIS. The phrase itself is bandied about quite a bit by academics.  But what is it really and why should we care?   This conversation will focus on the newly established Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education developed by the Association of College & Research Libraries.

Presented by Pamela M. Salela, Associate Professor, Library Instructional Services; Nancy Weichert, Clinical Assistant Professor, Library Instructional Services; and Sally LaJoie, Clinical Assistant Professor, Library Instructional Services

Wednesday, November 7, 12-1 pm, PAC H – “Gearing Up for Spring”

As the pace of Fall semester escalates, it will be time to start thinking about spring courses.  Learn what resources the Center for Online Learning, Research and Service (COLRS), the Accessibility Office, Brookens Library, and Information Technology Services (ITS) can provide to help you prepare. This workshop will cover the breadth of services at UIS to support your teaching.  Learn how to get help with making your materials accessible.  Get help with using course reserves in the library or online, linking to library sources, and using Intellus to find and use Open Educational Resources. Learn how to use copyrighted materials and stay on the right side of the law.  This is a one-stop workshop. Find out what these support teams can do to help ensure that you and your students are successful.

Presented by Vance Martin, Campus Accessibility Specialist, COLRS; H. Stephen McMinn, Director of Collections and Scholarly Communication, Brookens Library; and Kara McElwrath, Assistant Director, Client Services, ITS