Binge Kits: Curated DVD Kits!

Not sure what to watch next?  Our new Binge Kits are a great solution to that problem!  Each binge kit is a curated trio of movies centered around a theme.  And bonus – every time you check out a binge kit, you get a free bag of microwavable popcorn and candy to munch on while enjoying your movie-fest.  Some of this month’s binge kits include:


All about Austen

Underdog Sports Stories

Dance Dance Dance


And more…

New binge kits will come out each month. Happy bingeing!!

Feature Film Suggestions

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Did you know that Brookens Library has a Feature Film Collection that is filled with popular DVDs that you can check out for free?  We do, and we’re working hard to expand it!  To find out what films are currently available in the library be sure to check out our Feature Films list found HERE.  Can’t find the title you’re looking for?  Make a suggestion for the collection HERE.