The Journey of a Book

We’re starting off our Learn About Your Library series with a post about books.  Yes, libraries are so much more than books, but it seems like a fitting place to begin.  Books at Brookens are selected for a variety of reasons.  Either they support the curriculum, are requested by a faculty member or fit the scope of a popular collection like audio books. So that’s the why, but have you ever wondered how a book gets to the shelf and is available for you to check out?  Well here’s a simplified visual of how it works.

Journey of a Book

P.S. If you’ve noticed that most library books no longer have their book jackets, you may have wondered what we’ve done with those.  We put some of them to good use and made artwork out of them.  Be sure to check the hallway when exiting the library towards the Brookens Classrooms for an example of our Book Jacket Art.

Learn About Your Library

With National Library Week and Library Snapshot Day in the same month we thought it would be fun to give you some behind the scenes information about Brookens Library as we celebrate all things library.  Library Snapshot Day  is defined as a “day in the life of your library” and that’s exactly what we plan to give you this month.  Ever wonder how books make it to the shelf or how a librarian becomes a librarian?  Well we’re going to tell you.  We’ll also be taking pictures throughout the month and posting them to our display board on the main floor.

P.S. Library Snapshot Day is April 17th. Stay tuned for information regarding an opportunity to win prizes that day!

April Highlights

April is a big month in library land.  Throughout the month we will be posting to our blog, Facebook, Twitter and have a evolving display board in the library.  So what are we highlighting?  Here’s a short list:

  • National Library Week: April 14th -20th
  • National Library Workers Day: April 16th
  • Libary Snapshot Day: April 17th
  • National Poetry Month

More information to come!